Recipe: Sweet and sour pork ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour pork ribs


The sweet and sour pork ribs from the snacks are all going to have a thick layer of syrup. And making syrup is really troublesome, you have to be very skilled, or the syrup will be smeared and the taste is very tangled. Later, I searched the Internet and improved it myself. I removed the steps of the syrup, and added spicy, sweet and sour pork ribs. The taste was absolutely first class. With the addition of spicy, sweet and sour pork ribs are no longer a single sweet, more flavorful, pepper stimulates the salivary glands, and eats more energetic. You can also add some pepper and a bit of numbness. Simple, more people can easily make, clean and healthy at home. It’s easy to enjoy the delicious food, it’s not to benefit everyone!



  1. First use oil to dry chili, ginger and garlic

  2. Add ribs and fry until discolored. If you can patiently fry the water in the pot, it’s better.

  3. Add water to the pot, no ribs

  4. At the same time put a large spoonful of soy sauce, pepper, cooking wine, vinegar and a lot of sugar, then don't pity your sugar. The amount of vinegar is almost two tablespoons. More or less it doesn't matter, the vinegar will also evaporate during the cooking process. Try the taste of the soup. If it’s just sweet and salty, then it’s done.

  5. When the water in the pot is quickly boiled, the color will start to darken. At this time, you must keep stirring to avoid sticking pot.

  6. When the water is completely dry, the oil is fried and you can see the sparkling oil. This is a little stir fry, you can sprinkle with white sesame seeds.

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