Recipe: Sweet and sour pork ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour pork ribs


Sweet and sour pork ribs are the most frequently cooked dish I have ever wanted. I have always wanted to develop a simple and delicious method. The final solution is the following sauce... God horse? Not simple enough! Ok... but it’s delicious. (People: Who wants to believe, every dish you say is delicious!) Run away with your face...//Fix it, reduce the steps and materials, keep the same delicious ! Sweet and sour flavor shorthand: sugar + vinegar + salt + water, you can add water (starch) in advance to adjust the flavor juice and finally pour the ingredients into the juice, or you can transfer it in the cooking process. In short, with these few things, you can evolve a variety of sweet and sour taste... oh...



  1. In the soup pot, enter the water, ribs and boil, boil, add a small amount of salt and continue to cook until the ribs are ripe, remove and drain the water for use.

  2. Take another bowl, add starch, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, rock sugar, take appropriate amount of pork ribs soup and mix until the taste juice is ready for use.

  3. Stir-fry into the base oil [fire], into the ribs [quickly stir-fry] to the ribs skin yellowing, [turn a small fire] drenched into the juice, continue to stir fry until the soup water and dry evenly wrapped with cute drops of ribs to get La

  4. Pack the sesame seeds and order two drops of sesame oil. This pure makeup step can be ignored~


! ! ! ! Finally, before you pour in the juice, you must turn to a small fire! ! ! Turn a small fire! ! ! ! ! ! ! Never use cornstarch in starch! ! ! ! Will have a cup! ! ! meeting! cup! With!  1. In fact, boiled ribs cooked to 8, 9 mature just fine, but the novice master is not easy to ribs and finally unfamiliar, so simply cook until cooked slightly. In addition, remember to make floating foam when the water is boiling, ribs soup to make a soup and more fragrant ^_^ 2. Add a ginger when cooking to make the meat tenderer 3. The amount of the juice is only for reference, and the actual taste is released according to personal taste. 4. When ribs are fried, the ribs and fats will be less oil, because the fat will produce oil. 5. Remember to stir it before you pour it into the juice, because the starch and sugar in the sauce will sink to the bottom. In addition, the amount of pork ribs soup for the taste juice is not important. If you are familiar with it, just take a small bowl and stir it quickly. There are really a lot of newcomers, and the amount of water that can be used for half the ribs is almost the same. The amount of water is more than the time to stir up the stir-fry. 6. Sugar can be used with white sugar and red sugar. I personally like sugar candy~ 7. Like to eat sour, you can make up a spoonful of vinegar before turning off the pot.

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