Recipe: Sweet and sour pork ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour pork ribs


When I was a child, I liked it most. When I went home on weekends, my mother would make a big lunch box and bring it back to my bedroom. After going abroad, I missed the taste of my mother. The discounted phone call was made step by step with my mother, and later became my signature dish.



  1. Small ribs cut into small pieces, (so-called bones), drowning to the blood, about 6 matures

  2. More oil in the pot, the ribs drained through the water were put down and fried, and the surface was golden and fished. Put aside

  3. There is a lot of oil in the pot, pour some out, leave a small part, about the amount of cooking, put the ginger slices and stir fry, put the brown sugar on the fire, stir the ribs and throw a small amount of rock sugar, (俺娘 says, brown sugar Coloring, rock sugar brightening, so both must be put), fried and fried, let the sugar become, sticky, put salt, chicken, vinegar, sticky gongs and drums, a few pots La

  4. Sprinkle with white sesame seeds and let them cool. (White sesame seeds are best fried in a pot first, the horses are not put in the pot, let the sesame seeds throw it down and stir it to a little golden, super incense!)


I know that there are many and many practices in sweet and sour pork ribs. Some people cook it first and cook it again. Some people cook it first and then fry it. For me, there is no such thing as being untrue. I am at home to cook and explain, and I don’t pursue the first. Second, as long as you are happy, it is OK to eat satisfactorily! Cooking is not a high-tech thing, so let's relax.

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