Recipe: Sweet and sour pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour pork



  1. Pork cut into 0.5cm thick slices

  2. Squeeze the pork slightly with a knife back

  3. Add a pinch of salt, the right amount of pepper, and chutney, vinegar. The ratio is 100 g of hot and sour sauce, 80 g of vinegar and 15 g of white sugar per 500 g of pork. After adding all the seasonings, fully mix the materials evenly

  4. Cover with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours

  5. Remove the marinated meat from the refrigerator

  6. Add sweet potato powder, put about 120g of sweet potato powder per 500g meat

  7. Mix well and let each piece of meat stick to the slurry evenly.

  8. Add the right amount of oil to the pan and heat it.

  9. After the oil temperature rises, put the mixed meat pieces and fry the fire.

  10. After frying until the surface is golden, remove the drained oil.


This sweet and sour meat is actually very simple. In general, it is marinated - sizing - fried. But to make sweet and sour flavored sweet and sour pork, there are several key points. 1. Select materials. It is best to use the plum meat with fat meat, that is, the upper shoulder meat of the pig. Because it has a little fat, it is very tender and fragrant when eaten. It is not greasy at all, delicious and delicious. Absolutely better than pure lean meat, it is fragrant. The hot and sour sauce I use is not spicy. It is sour and sweet. It tastes like Thai sweet chili sauce and can be replaced with Thai sweet chili sauce. But remember not to buy cheap, try to pick a little better, otherwise the taste will be greatly reduced. The meat is like candy. Don't think that the added sauce is too much. The sugar contained in the sauce can penetrate into the tissue of the meat. After absorbing the water, the fiber of the meat can be expanded to make the meat more tender. Vinegar should also use the old vinegar of better quality, so that it is fragrant. Do not use white vinegar. The unique ingredients in the vinegar will make the pork soften after the long-term curing and after the frying, changing the fiber structure of the meat and making the meat more tender. The sweet potato powder I use is the sweet potato powder that I have used in my home. The sweet potato starch sold in the supermarket is naturally not pure in my own way, but in the absence of conditions, I can only retreat to the next. If there is coarse grain, it is best to use coarse grain. Sweet potato powder. After the coarse diced sweet potato powder is fried, it can present a crispy taste. In general, for seasoning, it is necessary to buy a good point. This is the key to a strong taste. 2, seasoning. In addition to the ratio of raw materials and seasonings, remember to add a little salt to the marinated meat. A little bit can be used to enhance the overall flavor. Adding pepper can remove some of the smell of pork. From the ratio of raw materials, the amount of increase here is very large, generally 500g of meat is about 30g of water, which is far more than here. But this increase is the key to keeping the meat fresh and juicy after it is fried. 3. Pickled. Pickling must be sufficient. From the ratio of raw materials, the salted seasoning has a large water content. Only a long time of pickling can make the meat full of flavor, and the juice can fully penetrate into every cell of the meat. The taste is fully penetrated into the depths of the meat, and the fibrous tissue of the meat expands during the curing process. After being fried, the outer skin is crispy, the inside is fresh and juicy, and the sweet and sour taste is filled from the outside to the inside. Remember to marinate for at least 12 hours to fully guarantee the taste and taste of the meat. If you marinate for two hours, it will be tragedy. I used to fumble myself and marinate it for two hours and then fry it. The result was that the meat was not cooked until it was absorbed, because the sugar was not absorbed by the ingredients, and it remained in the juice, causing the sugar to coke at high temperatures. Not only did not sell the phase has not suffered yet ~ 4, fried. Remember to fry the meat after the pot, you will definitely say that the fire will not change outside, and it is not cooked yet. I can say responsibly that this worry is superfluous. I have tried it as long as your meat is not cut very thick and will definitely be cooked. The fire can make the surface quickly crisp and crisp, while the meat inside is still tender and juicy. If you fry with a small fire, the oil will be sucked in, the skin will not be so crisp, and it will be very greasy to eat. It is easy to make the meat to eat and fire for a long time. So be sure to blow up the oil.

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