Recipe: Sweet and sour pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour pepper


This is the taste of childhood! I can eat spicy food from an early age, and it is also exercised by my mother. In the summer, I will come to a plate of sweet and sour thin peppers. Don’t eat dry rice or porridge, you can eat half a bowl. Although Guangzhou does not have Jiangnan's thin-skinned green peppers, the shofar peppers are older and less spicy, but they do not affect the taste in memory...



  1. Wash the green peppers and remove the seeds, drain and cut half;

  2. Heat the pan, pour a little oil, add the chili to the fry until the skin is yellow and wrinkled;

  3. The time of frying the pepper, adjust a sweet and sour sauce, a vinegar, three servings of sugar, add a little soy sauce and salt and mix thoroughly;

  4. Pan the peppers in place, pour in the sweet and sour sauce, turn the pan so that each pepper is immersed in the soup, and simmer the juice a little.


a. The older the pepper, the hotter it is, but it is also relatively easy to have skin, which is what everyone likes; b. Sweet and sour pepper is very sweet, three servings of sugar is not much, it is best to adjust the sweet and sour sauce first, do not put the vinegar in the pot while putting sugar to taste, so the taste of the pepper is not easy to adjust.

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