Recipe: Sweet and sour orange sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour orange sauce



  1. First, give a small orange s a cold shower, wash it clean and go into the belly. Hahaha~ After the orange peel is peeled off, remove the white silk inside as much as you can. (It turns out that it is impossible to go very clean. , huh, I am using the peeled peel to cut the ^_^, you can also imitate, if the white silk, then the taste may be a bit bitter) soaked in salt water for 2 to 3 hours standby (orange peel) 10 or so can be ^_^)

  2. Orange juice

  3. The soaked orange peel is cut into small dices, which makes it easier to cook.

  4. Put the squeezed orange juice and chopped orange peel together in a pot and add a little salt. After the water is opened, put in white sugar and turn to low heat. Try the taste in the middle. Add some white sugar and honey. ~~~5, basically 40~50 minutes on a small fire, you can see the orange juice at this time is very sticky.

  5. Put it in a sealed jar and you can smell the scent, and you want to taste it.

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