Recipe: Sweet and sour olives

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour olives


Fangzi was learned from her mother. It is said to be effective for pharyngitis Everyone at home is full of praise for this honeymoon. I asked the party to go home and do it myself. The sweet and sour taste is very like ^^



  1. Wash the salty olives in warm water, soak them in warm water for a night, then drain the water thoroughly;

  2. Clean and dry glass bottles (or other containers) according to a layer of olives and a layer of rock sugar;

  3. Pour in white vinegar again. Seal and refrigerate (or place in a cool dry place) for ten days and a half.


Salty green olives can be made by yourself: 3 pounds of green olives are marinated with about 6~8 salt for a day or two; The amount of sugar added according to the taste can not be put less; White vinegar is preferably a non-alcoholic pure vinegar.

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