Recipe: Sweet and sour green pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour green pepper


Green pepper is the plant kingdom, dicotyledon, chrysanthemum, Solanaceae. And red peppers are collectively referred to as peppers. The fruit is a berry. There are many aliases. Big pepper, bell pepper, and bell pepper are all their names. Because they can sweeten berries, they are also called sweet peppers and peppers. An annual or perennial herb, characterized by a large fruit, a lighter or less spicy taste, used as a vegetable rather than as a seasoning. Because of its bright green color, the newly cultivated varieties are red, yellow, purple and other colors, so it can not only be a self-contained dish, but also widely used in side dishes. The green pepper is evolved from the peppers of the tropical regions of Central and South America in North America. After long-term cultivation, domestication and artificial selection, the fruit grows in volume, the flesh becomes thicker, the spicy taste disappears, and the carpel and ovary cavity number increase. .



  1. Wash the green peppers with seeds, stir fry in the wok and add the green peppers to stir fry.

  2. Continue to stir fry until the skin of the green pepper is white and wrinkled, add soy sauce, vinegar, and stir fry.

  3. After the scent is fried, add the appropriate amount of boiled water to boil the green pepper.

  4. Finally, wait until the green pepper is colored, and open the fire to collect the juice.

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