Recipe: Sweet and sour gluten

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour gluten


I saw that the gluten made by Yujie before the rain was learned, but the last step was not the same.



  1. After the gluten is sliced ​​and shredded, I cut it slightly and I was afraid of overcooking.

  2. After the oil temperature is sixty-seven percent, it is poured into gluten. It is fried in medium and small fire, and it is continuously stirred. After the shaping, it is taken out. The oil temperature is raised and re-fried once to golden yellow. If you do not want to eat crispy, you can omit the resurrection.

  3. The sweet and sour sauce can be added during the frying process, and the vinegar, sugar, soy sauce and salt in the material are evenly mixed.

  4. After the gluten is fried, pour out the oil, leave a teaspoon of oil in the pot, keep a small fire, add rock sugar, and knead until the sugar is completely melted to give a golden color. At this time, rush into the sweet and sour sauce in step 3, boil and add onion. Stir fry the garlic and pour in the gluten and stir well.


It’s dangerous to flush the water when it’s fried. It’s best to hold the lid defense.

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