Recipe: Sweet and sour gluten

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour gluten


The most favorite dish code, used to mix noodles, I feel I can eat more bowls of noodles.



  1. Cut the gluten into filaments, chopped garlic, and mix all the seasonings in the bowl (more sugar)

  2. Pour the oil into the pan after preheating. (The oil should be more.) Pour the gluten into the oil. During the period, use the chopsticks to break the gluten to prevent sticking. When the gluten is fried, it will be crispy. Remember to be sure. It's important to spread it on the plate, otherwise the heat will soften the gluten underneath. Carry out the second re-explosion so that the gluten that is fried will be more brittle.

  3. In the last pot, add a little bit of oil, pour the minced garlic, pour the fried gluten into the pot again, pour the sweet and sour sauce into the pan and stir fry until the sweet and sour sauce wraps the gluten and turn off the heat. .


This dish is a crisp, so you must first adjust the sweet and sour sauce, in order to be a word "crunchy"

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