Recipe: Sweet and sour fritters

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour fritters


I only knew this dish because of Wu Qingfeng. Sue Green singer Wu Qingfeng likes to eat the sweet and sour fritters from Beijing's boiling fish town. This dish is also called sweet and sour pork ribs. He is a vegetarian. I went home and tried it myself. It was very simple and very delicious~ (Following the star family without error Q_Q)



  1. [Processing fritters] One fritter can be divided into two, and two fritters are equivalent to four, which are cut into small pieces.

  2. [Sweet and vinegar juice] can be adjusted according to your own taste, if you have no experience, you can use this recipe: 1 scoop of cooking wine, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 4 tablespoons of vinegar, 5 tablespoons of clear water. I didn't use cooking wine. Do not like too sweet to drink less sugar. (If you don't have enough experience, you can try the taste after you put a little more water.) Put the ginger in the sweet and sour sauce.

  3. [Fried fritters] The fritters can be overnight, it doesn't matter, because it will be fried again. Don't use too much oil, and fry the fritters to make them more delicious.

  4. [Cooking] After frying the fritters, fish out. There is usually some leftover oil in the pot (if the oil is too much, pour it off), pour the sweet and sour juice in the second step into the frying pan, burn it, cook it. Boil ~ (mainly to evaporate water) You can taste the taste, you can taste it when you feel the taste is right, there is not much water, pour water starch. Finally, put the fritters and fry for a while, then you can start the pot~

  5. [Tasting] You can sprinkle with chopped green onion ~~ This is hot! Sour and sweet, the outside is soaked with sweet and sour sauce, it is still crunchy.

  6. [In addition] You can also insert the scorpion section in the fritter section as the bone inside the ribs, and the whole COS ribs can be faked.


When I was doing it, the sweet and sour sauce was too much, and the water was too much. After thickening, a large pot of sweet and sour sauce is in the pot. If you put the fritter directly, it will turn into sweet and sour sauce, so I throw away half a pot of sweet and sour sauce. . . So don't tune too much juice...

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