Recipe: Sweet and sour fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour fish


A half-day thick fog on the weekend brought the temperature down to the early winter, and it was suddenly found that the fall was about to pass. The fall of the North is the most beautiful season of the year, and the leaves of the West Mountain show the bright red that the winter is approaching; the chrysanthemums on the balcony of the house are also splendid with the flow of autumn. I like chrysanthemums very much, and I yearn for the leisurelyness of Tao Weng’s “Chrysanthemum under the hedgerows”; I like chrysanthemums and appreciate the strongness of “the flowers that start when the flowers are destroyed”; I like chrysanthemums, because “the flowers are more flowerless” Like the chrysanthemum, but also because of "the chrysanthemum still has a proud frost branch" arrogance. Since ancient times, Chinese people have loved chrysanthemums. From the Song Dynasty, there was an annual chrysanthemum event. The legendary chrysanthemum has been given the meaning of auspicious and longevity. Through this leisurely, strong, arrogant and beautiful flower of the arrogant bloom chrysanthemum, I smashed the sweet and sour chrysanthemum fish. The process seems to be quite complicated, and it is sloppy to rely on the love of chrysanthemums. Dedicated to friends, I hope to bring you endless auspiciousness and beauty. Gossip is not much to say, serve!



  1. Remove the processed grass carp from the tail and stick the fish pieces to remove the bones.

  2. Cut the fish into 6 cm square pieces of fish, add salt, sugar, cooking wine, pickled green onion for 10 minutes.

  3. Marinate the fish with clean kitchen paper or cotton cloth and evenly apply a cross knife. Be careful not to cut the fish skin. The meat attached to the skin of the fish will roll up when it is hot, just like the part of the skin is like a flower, it is very image

  4. Put the fish pieces that have been changed into a knife and evenly season the seasoning 2, put them in a frying pan and fry them until the goldens become crispy, and remove the oil. No need to return the pot is already very brittle

  5. Leave a little oil on the bottom of the pot, pour the ginger and savory, pour in tomato sauce and sugar, fry until mashed, add a spoonful of rice vinegar, and finally pour the wet starch into a thick simmer

  6. Pour a spoonful of cooked oil into the clam juice to make it bright. Place the chrysanthemum fish in a plate and pour the clam juice evenly on the chrysanthemum fish.


My dead pigs are not afraid of hot oil. When they are fried, they are hand-held. Parents should pay attention to safety. Gently shake the fish with chopsticks. Wait until the flowers are scattered and then take off the chopsticks.

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