Recipe: Sweet and sour delicious hawthorn rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour delicious hawthorn rolls


Sweet and sour, very appetizing~~



  1. Wash the hawthorn and boil until the hawthorn is slightly boiled.

  2. Hawthorn hot extrusion of hawthorn nucleus

  3. Add water to boil again and crush it into hawthorn mud. If there is a cooking machine, it will be better~

  4. Adding rock sugar, according to your own taste, like sweeter, add more sugar, I didn’t put too much.

  5. Pick a small piece and put it in a bowl filled with water. If the mountain mud is not in the water, you can

  6. Paving plastic wrap

  7. When the hawthorn mud is warm, add honey according to personal preference.

  8. Spread evenly and spread on the plastic wrap.rI put it on the heating platform overnight and added a morning. It was completely dry~

  9. Roll up, wrap it in plastic wrap, and enjoy it when you want to eat it.

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