Recipe: Sweet and sour crispy pickled radish

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour crispy pickled radish


2017.11.30 is unbelievable. The style of writing recipes a few years ago is so brain-destroyed! Re-organize the logic of the idea. If you want to streamline, you can see my update: 1. Prepare a big root first. Cut strips can be used. It's easy to add some salt to the flakes. It doesn't need to be stirred evenly for a few minutes. After a few minutes, the big roots will naturally pour out the water and do not need to rinse. The spicy salt is also taken away. 2. Add wild pepper and water to the wild pepper. . (Wild mountain pepper is the kind of cans of light and dark yellow pickled peppers. The juice is very good.) The wild mountain peppers that are cut will be more spicy. Sprinkle some chili powder and then put sugar and put vinegar. White vinegar can keep the color vinegar can be ok, but the big root is not so white (it is not good to say the ratio of sweet and sour. It is recommended to marinate and taste it a little too much and not remedy) (usually see the watery pickled radish is It's not all the water that comes out of it is not white vinegar, don't fall madly.) 3. It will be almost half an hour. The flavor is definitely better after refrigerating. Keeping a week is not a problem. This time, I wrote it rationally! ——————————————————————————————2014.3.25 Update: Recently recommended by people who discovered love to increase themselves improved In fact, the recipe is directly marinated with wild pepper and pickled pepper. It will be a lot simple and the success rate is 100%! Sugar and vinegar, you can grasp your own taste while you try it out. The radish marinated for about 2 days will be more flavorful (UPDATED: the flakes are more flavorful). Otherwise, the raw radish tastes very heavy. Everything is simple! If there is rock sugar in the wood, there will be wood with sugar! PS: I saw the works uploaded by the wit friends. In fact, the pickled peppers are also very good.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Looking for Big Root! ! ! ! it's here! ! ! ! ! !

    Looking for Big Root! ! ! ! it's here! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Cut into small strips! Then add salt! Marinate for ten minutes and then pour the salt water! ! Go to the spicy! ! ! !

    Cut into small strips! Then add salt! Marinate for ten minutes and then pour the salt water! ! Go to the spicy! ! ! !

  3. Add wild peppers and cut wild peppers into small round cakes. Sprinkle sugar! Pour vinegar! (It’s not good to say the amount is not good! Follow your own taste!)rA handful of paprika or wild peppercorns is thrown to the strong big root! ! ! ! ! !rHow much! ! More mix! ! !

  4. Wait for 30 minutes to eat. Can't eat it! ! ! Keep it for a week without stress! ! Oh oh

  5. ——————The latest improved version —————— The flakes are more flavorful and faster


Dagenjun will drop water! ! ! So don't be crazy about vinegar! ! ! ! TUT

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