Recipe: Sweet and sour crispy Japanese tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour crispy Japanese tofu


The key to crispy tofu is the sauce. Ketchup, sour and sweet, love!



  1. The Japanese tofu is cut from the middle together with the packaging bag, and then the tofu is pushed out from the end to the cutting direction, and the sheet is cut by about 1 cm.

  2. After the eggs are broken up, pour the starch into the water and mix thoroughly to make the tofu.

  3. Ketchup, sugar, salt mix well, add a little bit of water to mix and mix (really just a little bit). You can taste the taste, the amount of salt and sugar is adjusted according to your taste.

  4. Put the tofu in the egg liquid (make it smeared).

  5. Heat the pan, pour the oil, and turn to a small fire. Put the simmered tofu in and fry. Fry until there are crispy skin on both sides (I was fried twice, all in one pot, the result is that I have no time to turn over the tofu and poke it).

  6. Pour the prepared sauce into the pot. Try to pour on the tofu. It is good to turn the fire to the juice.

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