Recipe: Sweet and sour carp

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour carp



  1. Wash and drain on the sides of the fish without a gap of 2 cm. Each knife is cut obliquely. (When cutting, be careful not to cut the section. You can first cut the deep knife and cut it into a flat sheet of 1 cm and cut it into a flat piece of 1 cm. Not so good)

  2. After the squid slices are good, use pepper and soy sauce for a while. When marinating the fish, the hot oil in the pot can be used first.

  3. Sauce: The ratio is about 2 scoops, 3 scoops of sugar, 4 scoops of vinegar, 1 scoop of cooking wine, 1 sachet of ketchup, 5 scoops of clear water.

  4. After the fish is marinated, mix it with starch and flour and spread it evenly on the fish. Lift the fish tail, put the fish head into the oil pan, and continue to use the frying spoon to water the fish to shape the fish. After the fish is completely shaped, put it into the oil pan and fry until golden brown, then control the oil and remove it.

  5. Leave a little oil in the pot, add chopped green onion, ginger, and minced garlic, then pour in the well-preserved sauce, stir constantly, and finally add a little starch to collect the juice on the fish.

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