Recipe: Sweet and sour bayberry juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour bayberry juice


Some time ago, the property on the other side of the house gave each box a box of bayberry, very fresh, big, juicy and thick, with five or six pounds. I got it when I got it. I can't waste such a good thing. What should I do? As a result, I can't help it. I will kill it a little bit. I wanted to make Yangmei wine. Later, I only made a bayberry juice and a hurricane. Wasted, wait for next year, put the bayberry juice up today, simple, and very good.



  1. Bayberry is soaked in light salt water for half an hour, rinse it repeatedly, pour it into the pot and add water. After the fire is boiled, turn to low heat, add rock sugar according to personal taste, half

  2. In the hour, you can crush the bayberry in the middle, you can taste more. After cooking, filter out the plum fruit, let it cool, and then put it in the refrigerator.

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