Recipe: Sweet and refreshing honey tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and refreshing honey tea


Some people say that it is a mood to taste fruit tea. When you have an unresolved emotion in this lyrical and sultry city, then brew A cup of faint fruit tea, looking at the ring line, and savoring a happy, is not a pleasure.



  1. Wash apples and grapefruits, cut apples with skin, cut into small pieces of grapefruit; cut pineapple

  2. Pour the mineral water into a small pot, boil over the fire, put the apple diced and pineapple into the heat and continue to heat until the water boils again. Add the grapefruit slices and turn off the heat. Add black tea bag or black tea powder, wait until the black tea is melted, and take out the black tea bag.

  3. After the fruit tea is cool, add the right amount of honey.


1. In addition to these kinds of fruits, you can also use your own creativity. Any fruit with aromas such as oranges and lemons can be used to cook fruit honey tea. 2, fruit honey tea can be hot in the winter, in the summer can be cooked and put into the refrigerator to refrigerate, after chilling as a healthy drink with the use, it is also very good. 3, people who like to drink a little sweet can use orange instead of grapefruit, but remember that no matter whether it is orange, grapefruit or lemon slices, do not put it in the pot to cook, so the fruit honey tea will become bitter .

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