Recipe: Sushi (seaweed meal)

Home Cooking Recipe: Sushi (seaweed meal)



  1. Add white vinegar, sugar, and salt to the rice in turn, and mix evenly (I personally prefer salty mouth, so white vinegar and sugar are less put a lot. In fact, this ratio can be based on personal preference, there is no hard and fast rule)

  2. Divide the eggs into egg skins and cut them into thin strips.

  3. Cook the squid and crab sticks, then tear them into filaments and add a little salt and seasoning soy sauce. (I’m doing it today, so I didn’t add these two ingredients and canned tuna.)

  4. Ham and cucumber cut into strips

  5. Spread a piece of sushi seaweed on the bamboo curtain, spread the rice in 1 evenly on the seaweed, remember to press it, so it will be more convenient to roll up and cut into thick slices.

  6. Put the ingredients at one end of the seaweed, and then use the bamboo curtain to roll up the seaweed and the things inside. Remember to roll the bamboo curtains together, let the seaweed and the rice stick together, and push the seaweed into a package. Then use the bamboo curtain to wrap it around the package and tighten the bamboo curtain hard so that the things inside are tighter and cut.

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