Recipe: Sushi cake roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Sushi cake roll


The cake roll can also be made into the shape of a sushi. The stuffing is healthy avocado puree and the amount of homemade fluffy pine-salty cake is also much less than that of sweet mouth. The girls who lose weight and lick their mouths can pick it up~



  1. Eggs, frozen protein, spare

  2. Egg yolk and sugar granules 1 add water, oil, sieve into flour and mix well

  3. The protein is added to the sugar 2 in three portions, and the egg beater is used to wet the foam.

  4. Mix one-third of the protein cream with the egg yolk paste and add the remaining two-thirds of the protein cream.

  5. Bake the tin foil (this step should be completed in advance) into the batter, shake a few times into the oven (the oven should be preheated in advance) 180 degrees Celsius 15min or so

  6. When making cake slices, make avocado puree: mature avocado pressed into mud and add appropriate amount of black pepper. Sea salt seasoning can also be put into onion powder according to personal taste. Garlic powder and other spices are seasoned. Cover plastic wrap to avoid oxidation.

  7. After the cake piece is baked, spread the seaweed slices on the surface and buckle down on the tin foil/oil paper. Remove the bottom tin foil. Apply avocado puree. Spread the appropriate amount of meat. Roll up. Refrigerate and refrigerate for half an hour.


The epidermis is not hard to test. In fact, the slightly sticky skin is more conducive to the fit of seaweed slices and cake slices~

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