Recipe: Susan fresh pork dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Susan fresh pork dumplings


The vegetables were fired in advance, and the oysters of the vegetables were removed, and the water was not produced. Secondly, the fillings were moisturized a lot~



  1. Cut the black fungus, carrot and cabbage roots into small filaments, stir into the oil pan and add salt to the chicken to 5 mature; the cabbage leaves are cut into silk

  2. Transfer the pork stuffing with salt, chicken essence, pepper, beautiful fresh soy sauce and sesame oil.

  3. Mix pork stuffing with fried three-fresh silk and cabbage leaves

  4. Put the right amount of minced meat in the middle of the dumplings, and wipe the edges with water.

  5. First pinch from the right side, pinch the folds, and then pinch from the left to the right~

  6. Cook in a boiling water pot

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