Recipe: Super tender chicken breast

Home Cooking Recipe: Super tender chicken breast


A lot of people don't love chicken breasts because it tastes firewood and doesn't taste much! With this secret recipe, I fell in love with the chicken breast. After the exercise, I need to get hungry, high protein! It’s still delicious when it’s cold and the microwave is heated.



  1. Thaw chicken breasts and cut into squares or strips

  2. Put an egg and egg white into the chicken breast, sprinkle with salt, and marinate for 20 minutes with black pepper.

  3. Marinated chicken breasts, drained and drained

  4. Open the oil pan, add some olive oil or vegetable oil, and wait for the smoke to put in the chicken breast.

  5. Quickly fry until the chicken turns white and shrinks a bit, you can turn off the fire and finish


1. The saltiness of the chicken breast is adjusted during pickling. When you eat it, you can sprinkle some black pepper. 2. The protein sticks to the chicken breast and is easy to stick to the pan. It can be fired in medium heat, and the fire is easy to focus. 3. Cut too big or fleshy. It's easy to be unfamiliar inside, and it will be old for too long! 4. In order to achieve a balanced diet, you can add mushroom slices or asparagus or broccoli!

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