Recipe: Super Supreme Pizza (Home Deluxe Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Super Supreme Pizza (Home Deluxe Edition)


When I bought the oven in April last year, I sent a recipe for the oven. In order to travel inconveniently, my grandfather could eat some foreign food and change the taste. I immediately practiced Pizza. For the recipes that come with the oven, I have Improved, more convenient, more troublesome ~ a young and old have eaten Pizza for a year, I am not only delicious but delicious! The key is to be enough, the economy! Still waiting for what to do ~ P.S. baking tray is 12 inches



  1. Live noodles: sift the spontaneous powder, sugar and salt in column (A), add the softened butter, add a proper amount of warm water to make a smooth dough, cover the dough with plastic wrap, and place it in a warm place for 20-30 minutes.

  2. Pizza juice: put all the materials in column (C) into the bowl and mix well

  3. Stir-fried Pizza sauce: Heat the pan, add the right amount of olive oil, add the onion and minced garlic, add the sautéed onion and minced garlic, add the prepared pizza juice, stir fry until the sauce Turn thick and turn off the fire

  4. PPizza crust: Add a little olive oil to the pizza dish, brush evenly with a brush, knead the chopped dough a little larger than the Pizza plate, put it in the Pizza dish, and put the pizza in the pan with the fork Some small holes in the fork to prevent the bottom of the cake from bulging when baking

  5. Loading: Spread the fried Pizza sauce evenly on the forked crust, sprinkle the amount of mozzarella cheese on the crust, and spread the tuna fish, the mushroom, the ham, on the cheese. Various colored peppers, sweet corn kernels, black olive slices

  6. Add the remaining mozzarella cheese to the paved stuffing, and finally lay the salami slices for decoration.

  7. Preheat the 200 degree oven, place the Pizza on the second floor of the oven and bake for 15 minutes. According to the power of each oven, you can control your time. When the surface of the cheese is slightly pasted, the oven can be turned off.


The Pizza sauce must be fried as thick as possible to prevent the soup from being cooked when the pizza is baked.

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