Recipe: Super soft pizza skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Super soft pizza skin


This recipe is an eight-inch pizza



  1. Bread flour, salt, sugar, yeast, pour into the bread machine, stir evenly, add oil and water together to smooth the surface, put the water on the surface and put it in the oven to ferment to 2.5 times larger. Put the bowl of water in the oven to increase the humidity of the oven.

  2. The fermented dough is taken out and vented for a few minutes. After the bottom of the pizza is smeared, the dough is kneaded into an eight-inch circular shape. The pizza pan is pressed into a thin intermediate edge, and the surface is also smeared with oil. Sub-fermentation to the dough is thicker than the original

  3. After the oven is warmed up by 200 degrees, put the hole into the pizza dish and put it on the fire for 180 minutes. It can be baked for 5 minutes. Add your favorite things and cheese for 15 minutes with the fire 220, or the cake can be frozen after it is cool. When you want to eat it, you can take it and bake it directly.


As for the simple side of the pie next to the pizza, you can prepare a small hole after the pizza skin is finished. When you finish the circle about a centimeter at the edge of the cake, there will be a neat pie.

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