Recipe: Super Soft Cup Yogurt Angel Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Super Soft Cup Yogurt Angel Cake


Very soft, with light cheese rushing...



  1. Yogurt is added with vanilla extract and evenly mixed and smooth. Low-powder and cornstarch are mixed and sieved, and then mixed thoroughly.

  2. After the protein is hit into the fish eye, the sugar is added to the wet foam in three times, that is, after the eggbeater is lifted, there is a small hook at the tip.

  3. At this time, the oven is fired at 180 degrees for preheating, and 1/3 of the protein is put into the yoghurt flour paste, and the mixture is evenly poured back into the remaining protein, and the mixture is evenly mixed, and the method is used to prevent defoaming.

  4. Pour the mixture into a six-piece mold (this is usually used to make a cup cake, it is recommended to apply oil in advance or in a paper cup to facilitate demoulding), slightly flatten (I forgot this), add water to the baking tray, and bake for 35 minutes.


1, the degree of protein can be adjusted according to needs, wet foam will moisturize some mouth, dry foam will dry a little; 2, want to cover the surface of pure white foil; 3, the oven temper is different, pay attention to temperature control, but Water can't be covered.

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