Recipe: Super simple watermelon toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Super simple watermelon toast


It is very simple to make a watermelon toast with a high value. Add a little new idea. Grab the summer tail and eat watermelon, and have afternoon tea with you~ Formulated to make a box of three energy 450g corrugated toast box



  1. Put the ingredients other than butter together and bring them to the expansion stage. Add butter to the full stage and pull out the film. I used the dough preparation procedure of the bread machine twice, and I can also handcuff it if I love it.

  2. The kneaded dough is divided into three parts, and the weight ratio is about 300g, 130g, and 80g. The weight of the kneaded dough may vary, and it is roughly in line with it.

  3. Take 300g of the dough and pour in the right amount of red yeast powder. After kneading, pour in the dried cranberry, 130g of the dough into the appropriate amount of matcha powder, 80g of dough without other materials, knead separately, and cover the dough with plastic wrap. In the warm place to be fermented to twice as large.

  4. Press the vent separately, wrap the red dough twice and wrap it in a white dough that has been rolled into a rectangular dough, and then wrap it in the green dough. Be careful to close the mouth.

  5. Put it in the toast box and put it in the oven. Set the fermentation mode of the oven during fermentation, then put a bowl of boiling water next to the toast box. When the water is cool, change the water without steam. When the fermentation is completed until the end of the nine minutes, cover it and bake it at 170 degrees for about 35 minutes.

  6. Heat off the mold, let it cool and slice.


The red yeast powder and the matcha powder are also very different in color due to the difference in quality, so no specific weight is given, and everyone can observe while adding.

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