Recipe: Super simple to make fried dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Super simple to make fried dumplings


Every time I went outside, I saw the golden fried golden dumplings of the restaurant. It was beautiful and crisp, and I didn’t admire it. After many experiments, I finally found this trick. The fried products are good-looking, non-sticky, and crispy inside. To ensure that the dumplings are cooked. I haven’t seen this other recipes.



  1. Before the fire, the dumplings are neatly placed in the pot. The big ones are placed in the middle, and the small ones are placed on the sides. Add cold water to the place where the dumplings are 1/2 height.

  2. When you hear the sound of '吱吱' in the pot, the water is basically boiled. When you open the lid, you can see that there is white foam in the pot. The oil is dripped around the dumplings. It is moderate, so that the bottom of each dumpling can be oiled. The amount of dumplings has been cooked in 7 layers at this time.

  3. Cover the lid, medium and small fire, move the front and rear sides of each pot and fry on the fire for a while, to ensure that all the dumplings are evenly heated, and all the directions are fried until the lid is opened.

  4. The spatula is close to the bottom of the pot, shovel from the periphery of the dumplings, slowly and gently, at first it is a little tight, then loose, just put it out, put it on the pan, topped with your favorite sauce!


It is more important to shake the front, rear, left and right sides to make it evenly heated. I am afraid that the dumplings will stick a little more oil.

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