Recipe: Super simple pancake [no butter health version]

Home Cooking Recipe: Super simple pancake [no butter health version]


Off-topic: As a lazy person, health does not matter, the focus is that oil-free dishes are super convenient! Wow haha! Into the topic: Fangzi is designed for beginners, all materials are daily, do not need to use baking powder because I heard that it is not good for the body (seeking science). The amount of the square is more casual, it is super simple! So don't just collect, practice your hands! About 2 to 3 people. [Be sure to read the tips first] If there is anything unclear, just leave a message! I will reply as soon as possible! ;) [Advertise immediately report]



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: First, [separate the egg whites] and place them in a larger bowl. The egg yolk is thrown directly into the flour.

    First, [separate the egg whites] and place them in a larger bowl. The egg yolk is thrown directly into the flour.

  2. [Stirring the flour] Add sugar, milk, and a little salt to the flour with egg yolk, stir evenly into a paste (the amount of milk is a little flexible, and the batter is milkshake)

  3. [Break the egg white] A painful step: use the egg beater to send the protein, add a spoonful of white sugar when there is a little foaming, and hit the eggbeater with a small hook. I probably hit 20 with my hand. minute

  4. Pour step 3 into step 2, [stirring evenly]. At this point, the batter should be in a smooth state and fall down into a ribbon shape.

  5. [Small fire] Do not stick the pan to fry, do not add oil, take the spoon directly into the paste, roughly the size of each pancake you want, then turn over and fry (I am a fried, better Take care of)

  6. After frying in the order, you can add honey or jam according to your personal preference!


1. There is no requirement for flour gluten. If it is soft, use low-gluten flour. 2, sugar is random, mainly depends on how much you like to eat sweet, but would rather add less sugar, because you can add honey or jam at the end to sweeten. If there is more sugar, there is no way to remedy it. 3, if the batter is too thin, it is not easy to form when frying, so if you don't look good enough this time, you will add less milk next time. 4, some people can not drink milk or temporarily no milk, you can use yogurt or water instead, of course, the taste will have a variety of changes. 5, about the pot does not oil, if your pan is not sticky, you do not need to, if not, you have to add a little oil to prevent sticking. 6, protein is very important to send, with fresh eggs, or add a few drops of lemon juice will be easier to send. Only the finished product will be softer.

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