Recipe: Super simple 70% dark chocolate

Home Cooking Recipe: Super simple 70% dark chocolate


I made a lot of cocoa butter from soap and made some dark chocolate. The result is delicious and moving! The chocolate making method is actually very simple, just step by step, you can make the chocolate that suits you best. In addition, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, can be purchased in Taobao. The specific address is not recommended.



  1. All materials are weighed.

  2. Mix cocoa butter with cocoa powder

  3. Water in the pot

  4. Stir vigorously until all is melted. (The water temperature does not need to be overheated, the water is turned off, the fire is turned off, and the coke bake is melted with residual heat)

  5. Adding powdered sugar

  6. Continue to melt through the water.

  7. Add whipped cream and slowly stir until thick.

  8. Pour into the mold and put it in the refrigerator for cold setting.

  9. If you don't pour into the mold, you can add whipped cream, butter and rum. When you are warm, use your hand to knead the ball or put it in a flat mold. Wrap it with cocoa powder to become truffle chocolate.


Baili cocoa powder is very dark in cocoa powder and the powder is relatively fine. In addition, the chocolate flavor is very strong with the barley cocoa powder. It is the most suitable cocoa powder for making chocolate.

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