Recipe: Super simple and delicious noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Super simple and delicious noodles


It’s delicious to stop... The fried sauce is cooked in a dry lock glass sealed box that can be used with a noodle. You can also fry rice, stir-fry, etc. Use it with your mood... Cook the soup after the noodles, just simmer some of the vegetables in the refrigerator. With tomatoes, slightly sour, appetizing; with small cuts of small mustard, crunchy (^_^) v fried onion inside the sauce, eat and crispy, praise!



  1. Minced meat + starch = grab a catch, will make the meat more tender. Onion diced

  2. Put the oil hot, the oil can be a little more, heat it and then add it to the onion; stir fry, then add the minced meat; after discoloration, add the bean paste and stir-fry. Pack the box for use.

  3. Boil the boiled noodles, the thin noodles are cooked in a few minutes, and picked up early. Then hot some vegetables, use a clean spoon to dig a large spoon of fried sauce, mix it up ^^

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