Recipe: Super rich cinnamon peanut butter latte

Home Cooking Recipe: Super rich cinnamon peanut butter latte


This is a by-product of the gongs and drums of peanut butter. Because it is so delicious, I have to remember it. I want to say how good it is. Anyway, I didn’t have time to take pictures. The rest of the ice cream is enough to make a cup and I only have one drink. _╥) I originally tasted the taste for my little brother. He said that it was too good... then... he would have a toast...0.0...Look at my coffee... Finally, my little brother said to give me a cup of esp. Well~ Okay (I It’s so good...????) Deliberately added flaxseed powder (enriched in omega-3) to balance the high omega-6 fatty acids in peanut butter. I don’t like it. I don’t like it. I personally like the smell of flaxseed. If you don’t want to double the same as I do, oh



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Mix the first four ingredients with a cooking stick and mix

    Mix the first four ingredients with a cooking stick and mix

  2. The coffee machine extracts an Italian concentrate (other extraction methods are also available)

  3. Pour the liquid from step one into step two and sprinkle with cinnamon powder (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))).


1, the choice of milk is very broad. I use goat milk this time because I especially like goat milk. I am not used to drinking milk or other milk. It is completely ok2, peanut butter is best. Only peanuts are selected in the ingredients list. Homemade or commercially available. Grinded, peanut sesame mixed sauce in the supermarket condiment area is also good 3, sugar can be replaced with honey or other sugar, low-carbon water friends to replace the sugar 4, coffee liquid with instant rush is no problem, but no sugar milk The black coffee is good. 5, the main picture is a certain latte before, not this (this did not have time to shoot)

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