Recipe: Super Q Run Hurricane [Black Tea Hurricane]

Home Cooking Recipe: Super Q Run Hurricane [Black Tea Hurricane]


[First of all, this is the longest written introduction in the kitchen.] At the beginning of 2009, I just returned home and bought the first one that I have been accompanying to the present. I thought I would like to have a bread experience at an Australian coffee shop. On the road to baking, the first DIY cake chose the famous Matcha Hurricane Cake. As a result, it is conceivable that for my new hand that can't be new, of course, it is a gorgeous failure. The fragile heart of the novice was frustrated, but did not give up! So at the original Betty Forum, I downloaded the Taiwanese version of "Super Q Run Hurricane", which is a highly praised one, and challenged day and night. I am sure to kill 20 eggs every day at the restaurant. I am a killer. The same is true, even when I separated the egg yolk protein, I was so busy that I was consuming a lot of eggs quickly and efficiently. After about two weeks of grinding, I finally seemed to be able to make the feeling of the QQ bombs moist, but with the temptation of the cheese, I jumped into the big pit of various cheesecakes without hesitation. So Miss Hurricane was thrown into the cold palace. Why didn't you do it again? The excuse is that I don't have a hurricane model. When I was a hurricane, I used a coconut canned rice bag to wrap the tin foil with the homemade cottage mold. Of course, my heart is clear and clear: I don't want to be an egg killer anymore! It’s better to make a sponge and kill 8 eggs at a time. (Hey, I’ve been practicing the hurricane with a 20cm model!) There are too many words in the past. It’s getting older when I’m older. However, the feeling of excitement and embarrassment when I first came into contact with baking was indeed vivid. The opportunity to reopen the hurricane this time is to buy a simplified version of "Super Q Run Hurricane" in the bookstore. Then I went home and immediately bought the rabbit's 17cm hurricane model (20cm hello, 20cm goodbye). After all, the hurricane still has an irresistible appeal to the baked people. Because it's challenging because of its unique taste, more because it's another beautiful name: chiffon cake. ANYWAY... I still lack material! There is a long bamboo stick and it is impossible to observe whether the interior is completely baked. When demoulding, I feel that the center of the center must not be baked yet! Cut it and it was a tear, and it was still 5 minutes. If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. Not to mention that I used a small fruit knife to cut the hurricane apart. However, Q and Run I feel that this time has been achieved. Compared with the original egg killer. At least I still grew up a bit :) The following recipes are taken from "Super Q Run Hurricane", the favorite kitchen students can go online or bookstore to buy Simplified Chinese version, as long as 25 yuan 噢 ~ The characteristics of Super Q Run Hurricane are not only fluffy and soft, but also elastic with sponge cakes - please try it! ! !



  1. Prepare the black tea liquid (the ear black tea leaves used in the book, I am lazy to use the Lipton Wenrun black tea tea bag), let cool and spare. If tea bags are used, the tea leaves can be directly taken. If the tea leaves are used, they should be ground into powder.

  2. Weigh all materials and spare. Powders are easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate. It is best to have everything ready to be sieved. The oven is preheated at 175 degrees (the actual baking temperature is 170 degrees, and the height is 5 degrees to prevent the temperature from dropping when the door is opened)

  3. The practice of egg yolk batter: Add the yolk to the egg yolk 3 times and mix well. Be careful not to stir it too much, as long as the sugar is completely dissolved, don't let the yolk state be too white or over-expanded.

  4. Add salad oil, black tea liquid, liqueur, tea, and flour in turn. After adding one material, mix well to add the next one. Please note that the egg yolk batter should not be overly thick.

  5. The practice of meringue: firstly, the protein is beaten to the coarse foam by the ice-cold water, then the amount of 1/3 sugar is added first, and the foam is further reduced until the foam becomes smaller; then the remaining 1/2 sugar is added, and the volume of the protein cream becomes larger. Pick up the eggbeater, such as the defoliating state of the stream, to form a hill in the basin. Finally, add the remaining sugar and hit the wet foam (the conical front end of the protein cream rises slightly down).

  6. Mix the egg yolk batter and meringue: first add some protein cream into the container of egg yolk batter and mix well; then add a protein cream and mix well; finally, pour the egg yolk batter mixed with meringue into the meringue and mix gently. ).

  7. Once the batter is finished, pour it into the mold. Hold the mold with both hands and press the thumb firmly against the center cylinder to gently tap the table twice (don't force too much) to remove the air.

  8. Use a rubber squeegee to stick the side of the batter mesh mold. This is done to make the expansion effect better during the baking process.

  9. Into the oven, 170 degrees lower layer for 40 minutes. When the time is up, check the internal baking state with a long bamboo stick. If the pulled bamboo stick does not stick to the flour, it means that the baking is completed, otherwise it will be sent to the oven again for 3-5 minutes and re-tested.


Be sure to blow off the mold after completely releasing it! ! ! (I was so anxious to wait for half an hour, the skin all stuck to the mold T.T) Put on the cake texture the next day will be more Q! ! ! The key to Q Run is not to stick to the viscous egg yolk batter and to the wet foaming meringue. It is recommended that the protein cream hit the third stage and must be beaten a few times to pick up the eggbeater to observe the state of the protein cream, otherwise it will go to the dry foam, it can only go with the fruit pancakes! ! ! Be sure to check with a long bamboo stick! ! ! I am a living lesson! ! !

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