Recipe: Super delicious vegetarian fried wheat

Home Cooking Recipe: Super delicious vegetarian fried wheat


This is also the favorite dish when I go to school. It is the first dish I will make. It is also a specialty dish. It is very tasty, very refreshing, and I still have dinner.



  1. Wash the oilseeds and cut into pieces for later use.

  2. Garlic chopped spare

  3. Prepare a small amount of pepper, about 10 grains, and prepare 4 to 5 dried chilies.

  4. Put the oil in the pot, put the pepper on the cold oil, fry the scent on the small fire, smell the scent and fry a little under the fire, use the colander and other things to remove the peppercorns, prevent the pepper from scorching and leave the oil.

  5. Open the fire, put a small amount of minced garlic and dried chili in a small fire, add the appropriate amount of seafood soy sauce after sauteing the savory, add the oily wheat sauté after the sauté, stir fry over the fire, stir the salt and taste the salty, and put the remaining minced garlic into the remaining minced garlic. , stir fry twice, out of the pot.


After the pot is cooked, the fire must be quickly sautéed. The oily wheat is easy to cook, and the salt is quickly added during the cooking process. Otherwise, it is easy to fry and become a stew to affect the taste.

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