Recipe: Super delicious lazy risotto, it’s delicious

Home Cooking Recipe: Super delicious lazy risotto, it’s delicious


Because my husband is working in the field, most of the time in my family, there are only two people, my daughter and I. It is difficult for two people to cook rice. The fried food is too much to eat, the type of fried rice is too monotonous, and the appetite of the daughter is Small, so it is even harder to do. Risotto is best for home when there are only one or two people to eat. When all the materials are ready, all the ingredients are poured into the pot. You don't have to worry about it, just wait for it to eat, so it is also suitable for people who don't want to cook and have to solve the people's livelihood. Do it when you have problems, haha. The key is that the daughter likes to eat. What is even more rare is that the husband who is picky about food is also full of praise for it, which makes me have a reason to be lazy. →_→



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1. I like the taste of the rice cooked in the electric pressure cooker, so I usually use it to cook the rice. Of course, you can also use the rice cooker to lick it. 2. This is the amount that I and my daughter eat. If the amount of food is good, or there are many people, it is enough to increase the amount of rice and ingredients. 3, the rice with the dried mushrooms is more mushroom-like, so it is not recommended to replace the fresh mushrooms. 4, iron stick yam is the kind of thin and long, thinner than the common yam, this yam cooked after the taste of fried chicken soft oh. I don't know what its scientific name is. We call it the iron stick yam. It's obvious because it has a long and slender shape like an iron rod~(≧▽≦)/~

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