Recipe: Summer salad with fern root

Home Cooking Recipe: Summer salad with fern root


The most suitable for summer, nothing more than cold salad, such as this fern root powder, can be a staple food, can also be a dish.



  1. Spinach and water cut; color pepper cut; chopped onion garlic

  2. Cook the fern root powder: Be careful not to stir, don't paste the pot. Generally cook for about 8 minutes, no hard core can be used; remove and rinse with cold water for several times, control dry water.

  3. The fern root powder is laid on the bottom of the bowl, the spinach and the colored pepper are spread on the powder, and then the onion and garlic are placed on the top, the pepper powder is sprinkled on the onion and minced garlic, and the hot oil is poured on the pepper and the onion and minced garlic. Transfer to soy sauce, vinegar, salt, and mix well.


Add any elements you like, such as sesame and dried fruits.

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