Recipe: Sugared kumquat

Home Cooking Recipe: Sugared kumquat


Last year, I said that I would like to make some kimchi. This kind of thing is often used to prevent chronic pharyngitis, chronic bronchitis and treatment of colds. Spring is here, winter is over, and supermarkets still have a lot of kumquats. Probably because of the erratic weather this year, it is still cold today, and the temperature is about ten degrees to the left. It is a rare situation in Shenzhen for more than a decade. Carefully choose a pound, and do it for a while. At this time, the kumquat is not full, delicious, and fresh.



  1. Wash the orange carefully, soak it in salt water for half an hour, drain the water.

  2. For half cut, take the seeds (pick up the toothpick carefully)

  3. Clean high steel pan (no oil and no water) put a proper amount of water (not too much), join the ward, boil to saccharification.

  4. Into the kumquat, boil at least soft and rotten, the juice is transparent, sticky.

  5. Turn off the fire. enjoy the cool air. Add a little honey, mix well and put it into a clean, oil-free glass jar, and refrigerate in the refrigerator.


Note: Steel pans should not store sugary foods for too long, so it is best to turn them into a large bowl after turning off the heat, and let them cool into the glass jar.

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