Recipe: Sugar Osmanthus Rice Cake Bar

Home Cooking Recipe: Sugar Osmanthus Rice Cake Bar


The weather is getting warmer, and the hot pot ingredients in the house are treated almost the same; the rest of the rice cakes are free to do whatever they want; I did not expect to underestimate the degree of deliciousness.



  1. Wash the rice cake and dry it, and put the pan with oil to put it into the rice cake;

  2. Simmer in the medium heat for a while, and then crispy and soft inside, you can put the plate; topped with sugar osmanthus.


Put the pan with oil, put the rice cake and hold the handle and push it a few times to avoid the adhesion of the rice cake to each other. It also helps the rice cake to fry a little crispy feeling; the rice cake bar only needs to be rolled in the pot for a few minutes. Soft.

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