Recipe: Sugar fried chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Sugar fried chicken wings


[It’s really lazy to take pictures, the next time you make up] In fact, this dish tastes like Coke chicken wings. The practice is to receive the intoxication of sweet and sour pork ribs, and Coke is quicker. It takes a little time for this fried sugar color. But the sugar color is good and the color is great. [In fact, my mom bought chicken wings but did not buy Coke and came back with sugar candy. I will say? ? ! 】Because I personally like sweets, and add soy sauce, so do not put salt, like other flavors, you can try something else.



  1. After the hot water in the middle of the wings, poke some small holes with a toothpick or use a knife to make a few knives on the front and back, put them in a bowl, add onions, cooking wine, and soy sauce for a while.

  2. Pour the oil into the pan, add the rock sugar, and then simmer the fire on the fire. This part is very important, it is easy to fry, the bad master can put the rock sugar in the process of cooking in the back, the taste is the same, but the color may not be so good.

  3. After the sugar is melted, the chicken wings are put into the pot and fried in sugar color. Both sides are fried and turned over to prevent the paste pot.

  4. Pour the water over the chicken wings, pour the soy sauce that was previously marinated in the chicken wings, and put the ginger. Before the soy sauce is poured less, you can put more of it now. If you don't fry the sugar color, you can put it in the old color.

  5. Cook for half an hour on medium heat. The specific conditions are based on the amount of each person's work. When the soup is slowly dried and becomes thick, you will be done.


The picture has time to fill up, the last time I was afraid of rock sugar, I did not take pictures.

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