Recipe: Sugar cane horseshoe water

Home Cooking Recipe: Sugar cane horseshoe water


The sugar cane horseshoe water introduced today can alleviate the discomfort caused by dryness. It has the effect of clearing the heat, appetizing, moisturizing and moisturizing, and the practice is very simple! Sugar cane is sweet and sweet, and there is a lot of water. The soup is clear and bright. It exudes a fragrance, accompanied by the sweetness of the silk, and not as boring as other sweet soups.



  1. The cane skin is cleaned with a brush and rolled into a slender strip

  2. The horseshoe removes the skin from the head and tail and cleans the dirt on the remaining surface.

  3. Put all the sugar cane and horseshoes in the pot and put them in the water for 1 hour.


Note that the skin of sugar cane must not be cut off. This sugar cane skin is effective in preventing colds, and it is cooked with horseshoes to clear away heat and reduce inflammation and thirst. This sugar cane horseshoe water is not sugared, because the sugar in the cane is already very high. If you add sugar, it will affect the sweetness and sweetness of sugar cane itself!

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