Recipe: Sugar cane horseshoe sugar water

Home Cooking Recipe: Sugar cane horseshoe sugar water


In the summer, I also like to buy similar drinks. At the same time, I finally got all the ingredients I loved, and I cooked my favorite sweet soup with my heart, and the fragrance of the nose and the sweetness of the sultry people couldn’t stop! In the winter, wait for the cold, and open the lid into the room, full of fragrance and pleasant. My father and mother can't sit still. After a hard day, drinking a bowl of warm sweet soup is undoubtedly the most comfortable. Xiaobao is afraid that I will be raised by me. The taste of sweet corn has deeply attracted the taste buds of the little ones. Another one can't stop. The most satisfying thing is to look at the happiness that the whole family can satisfy after eating and drinking! At this point in life, the biggest change may be to start from loving the kitchen!



  1. Red sugar cane washed, filtered water washed, cut

  2. Horseshoe peeled and washed, everything two

  3. Carrot peeled diced

  4. Three ingredients into the pot, twice the water, 10 minutes after boiling, put the corn

  5. After reopening, cook for 15 minutes and turn off the heat. Just fine.


No added natural, time-consuming, but very good!

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