Recipe: Sugar candy Sydney

Home Cooking Recipe: Sugar candy Sydney


A happy gift for my lover, my love letter is the first. The top leader is very busy recently, except for meetings that are overtime. Very worried about his body, and worried that he often worked overtime to forget to eat. And I am not by his side. Sometimes I told him that I had cooked the lunch in the insulated lunch box and sent him to the unit. Although this society rarely uses insulated lunch boxes. Although there are KFC, McDonald's, Yoshinoya. . Wait for fast food, but I don't think I can eat it all. For the bad health, the food I cook is at least clean, and I will be reasonable and nutritious. Before the death of gastric cancer, Daxie learned that Sancha had checked out lung cancer. I am very upset. I was particularly worried about the body of the top leader, saying that the weather was warm and I went out to bend after dinner. The treadmill at home is rarely used, and I have to urge him to run often. Be sure to pay attention to your body outside of busy work. Also ready to give birth to a beautiful dragon baby! Dry mouth in spring, lack of water. At this time, women drink some rock sugar and Sydney to nourish it is a very good choice! That is, nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs have beauty and beauty~



  1. Sydney peeled diced

  2. Add 1000ml of water to the pot

  3. Put in the chopped Sydney pear pieces

  4. Adding rock sugar

  5. The fire is boiling to the boiling water

  6. Change to a small fire for 30 minutes

  7. Join 枸杞

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