Recipe: Sudden taste of stewed bone

Home Cooking Recipe: Sudden taste of stewed bone


This stewed bone is nothing new, but I have a cumin in my prescription. Bang Dad said that it feels like a mutton when it is eaten. Oh, this is a bold innovation, and the taste is very good.



  1. Put the cavity bone and a sufficient amount of water in the pressure cooker, boil the boiling water, and continue to use the soup.

  2. Carrots, potatoes, onions, diced, wok in the wok, stir-fry the diced vegetables, pour them into the pressure cooker, and clean the cavities of the cavities. Stew the whole seasonings together.

  3. OK after 20 minutes


1. Stew the cavity bone and put some vinegar meat can be easily rotten 2. Pepper, aniseed, cumin can be put into the seasoning ball, and the dispersion will affect the taste. 3. Carrots and potatoes can be slightly longer, which is different from the stewed taste. 4. The soup made with the pressure cooker is thinner if you have enough time. Slowly stewed will be better

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