Recipe: Suck the duck wings with Maotai flavor

Home Cooking Recipe: Suck the duck wings with Maotai flavor


The name "吮指", on the one hand, steals the signature of KFC original chicken, saves the advertising fee; on the other hand, it is true that my three-year-old chick will erect ten fingers from the thumb to the small thumb every time. younger brother. This is the signature of Dad. Kill all the pigs, sheep, cows, and chickens at home! Every time we can hold a bowl of food from dinner to snacks without interruption until the last piece of ruin ^_^. The key, it is not fat! With the encouragement of Nianjie, the first time I was to upload this recipe, the foodies and sisters tried it!



  1. Duck wings are simply washed with water. If they are two-section wings, they are cut off from the joints. Each side of the wings is cut with a knife and two knives for better taste.

  2. Boil the boiled water in the pot, boil the duck wings out of the water, and remove the floating foam.

  3. Pour the oil into the pan and add the ginger, green onion, cinnamon, and octagonal stir-fry.

  4. Pour the duck wings and fry until the surface of the duck wings is slightly yellowed.

  5. Add 1 tb of cooking wine, 2 tablespoons soda, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, 3 tablespoons of white sugar. Stir fry until the duck wings are evenly colored.

  6. Pour in the boiling water without duck wings, turn on the fire again, then turn to a small fire and slowly burn, slowly simmer.

  7. When the juice is almost the same, put the salt. At this time, you need to gently flip the duck's wings to avoid burning the pot.

  8. Try to insert it with chopsticks, you can easily insert it and you can start it!

  9. Start enjoying it, it won't stop!


1, like the spicy pots in the third step, you can enjoy the chili, pepper, all the spicy spices, more enjoyable! My family has a "little person" to consider her, so it is not hot. 2, because you can be a snack, the salt can not be put more. A friend who likes sweet can add another spoonful of sugar. 3, the spoon is the kind of spoon we usually eat soup, like the heavy taste can use a slightly larger spoon, the proportion control is good ^ _ ^. 4, Chinese food is not like Western food needs to be strictly in accordance with the prescription. Dad is generally down by feeling, and it’s not bad, it’s delicious every time. I believe that the pot friends will play their own signature duck wings!

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