Recipe: Su Shi Bai Sansi

Home Cooking Recipe: Su Shi Bai Sansi


After turning around the kitchen, I couldn't find a way to upload it. If you don't want to spread the spot on the meat dish, come on your own. Quick handy.



  1. Wash and peel off the skin; wash the pepper, remove the seeds, go to the white tendons; wash the carrots, peel the skin; wash the ginger. The above ingredients are shredded.

  2. Thin oil in the pot, add ginger and saute. Put in three wire stir fry.

  3. A little cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, continue to stir fry. When the ingredients are soft, they can be cooked.


1. If you like to eat ripe carrots, you can put carrots first, then put the rest. 2. When you are frying, you will miss the calf inexplicably.

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