Recipe: Sturgeon, bitter gourd

Home Cooking Recipe: Sturgeon, bitter gourd



  1. Split the bitter gourd in half, use a spoon to dig out the inner sputum, and slice it with a knife

  2. Separate the cardamom from the squid in the canned fish, and cut the squid into small pieces with a knife.

  3. Cut garlic into the end

  4. Put enough water in the skillet, add a little salt and salad oil after boiling, put in bitter gourd and scald, quickly remove too cold

  5. Put a little oil in the pot, add the garlic and fry after the oil is hot.

  6. Put in a bitter gourd fire and stir fry for 1 minute.

  7. Add the squid fire and stir fry, add a little salt to taste.


1. When bitter gourd is bitter, add a little salt and salad oil in boiling water to keep the green of bitter gourd. It is not easy to be too long when it is hot. It is quickly placed in cold water after being boiled. 2, the soybean meal should be cut into small pieces before frying, in order to better taste; 3, there is a little oil in the canned soybean meal, put together when frying, do not put too much oil in the pot; 4, when frying bitter gourd, it is necessary to quickly stir fry, the time of frying is not too long, to prevent discoloration.

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