Recipe: [Study abroad] Pork cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: [Study abroad] Pork cabbage


I didn't buy pork belly this week, only the pork loin. What is the supermarket, really look at the aunt's mood, but don't eat too much fat!



  1. Foreign pork must be fried, must first soak for half an hour, when the bubble is dropped two drops of flower carving

  2. Wash the cabbage, then heat it in the country, don't be too much, be healthy! ! !

  3. After the fried cabbage, press it with a spatula, fry until it is slightly soft, and put it on the plate.

  4. Heat the oil again, add ginger and minced garlic, peppercorns, two kinds of peppers, and pour the pork stir fry when you start to have a sizzling sound.

  5. When the pork is fried and looks white, it is poured into soy sauce, salt, and the fried cabbage continues to stir fry.

  6. [The red wine left yesterday was also poured in. When it was cooking wine, it was smashed, and some could be poured. When the red wine was dried, it could be loaded.]

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