Recipe: [Study abroad] Cucumber fried pork loin

Home Cooking Recipe: [Study abroad] Cucumber fried pork loin


This is not a quick hand dish, you can choose whether the pork loin is too fried.



  1. Pork cut strips. The supermarket is also cut, anyway, the first thing to come back is to soak the wine, wash it, you can put two peppers, a little ginger

  2. Wash pork, add salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, soak for half an hour

  3. Batter (starch, egg, flour), noodles, oil burned 60% hot, meat noodles paste into the fried

  4. Blow it to a slight golden, take it out, then blow it up a second time

  5. Foreign living equipment is limited, and it will still be oiled when it is fried. At this time, take a pot, pour the meat in, add no oil, add cucumber and stir fry, cucumber can of course be replaced with other vegetables.

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