Recipe: Strawberry mousse cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Strawberry mousse cake


[6 inch] The appearance is super! Now strawberries are seasonal fruits~ don't miss it. [This strawberry mousse is a refreshing version without adding any cheese~



  1. Make a sponge cake first:

  2. Cool the sponge cake and cut it into two pieces (thickness can be controlled according to your preference). The sandwich piece should be smaller than the bottom piece (because there are strawberries on the side, the sandwich piece can't be the same size as the mold, it should be smaller to leave the strawberry. position)

  3. The gelatin is made of cold water, and at most it is warm and soft. (Do not use hot water. The gelatine hits the hot water and turns into a gelatin solution. The gelatin solution will be too thin)

  4. Wash the strawberries; 150g strawberry with a cooking machine into a strawberry sauce (or use a variety of magical means to form a sauce = =), heat and stir, while adding the gelatinized gelatin, keep stirring until fully mixed

  5. Light cream and sugar can be sent to six distributions, that is, the cream can also flow, do not pass too much, excessive will affect the taste. [After sending the head to the nine distribution is fixed, it is used for silk flowers, not for mousse.

  6. Mix the cooled strawberry puree with whipped cream to form a mousse solution (you can also add some small strawberries to mix together)

  7. Put a large piece of sponge cake into the bottom layer of the mold, cut the large strawberry in half, cut the outer code on the edge of the mold, pour a layer of mousse solution; then place the small piece of sponge cake on top of the mousse liquid, then pour Into the remaining mousse, smooth the surface

  8. Cover the surface of the mold with a layer of tin foil to prevent the refrigerator from smelling. Refrigerate overnight, the next day with a hot towel or a hair dryer to slightly heat the outer ring of the mold, you can easily demould ~

  9. After demoulding, squeeze the whipped cream on the surface and put on the strawberry decoration~

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