Recipe: Strawberry Mount Fuji

Home Cooking Recipe: Strawberry Mount Fuji


In fact, it is yam mud. . .只是 Just think of a slightly foreigner name. Studying abroad is hard, cooking is my greatest pleasure. Finally I saw the iron stick yam in Eminem, I must buy it and toss it up. Cut into small pieces and put them into the pot for a while. Finish the smeared mud, put on a shape, and pour the jam, ok! How convenient and how cost-effective, 28,48 copies of the yam mud in the hotel, you can rest ~ what flavor of jam, what to taste, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, all can be ~



  1. Peel the yam, cut into small pieces, steam for thirty or forty minutes, the softer the easier it is to smeared into mud.

  2. You can use a spoon to rub a small piece of yam mud into a mud, pour the jam you love, continue to mix well, continue to use the spoon back to arch the mud into a hill.


1. Yam steamed for a long time is easier to grind into mud. 2. It is best to have a long sacred yam. . Or called iron stick yam, I always feel that this yam tastes better. 3. The back of the spoon is a good thing, both to grind out the yam mud and to help shape the scorpion. If you want to make something, you have to use your imagination.

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