Recipe: Strawberry Lime Punch Strawberry Lime Punch

Home Cooking Recipe: Strawberry Lime Punch Strawberry Lime Punch


Recently, I was almost tossed by the weather in Sydney. When I was hot, it was 13 degrees cold at 30 degrees. The sun was roasting and the wind was blowing and the lightning was drunk. If you have Sydney friends around, please cherish them! ! ! ! After he returned to China, he was idle on the weekend. The kitchen was mys. Hahahahahaha~~~ Going out for a day, it was a bit hot, and made this punch. Punch's raw material combination is very free. My approach is just to give you a reference. Basically, there is juice and soda can be done. Adults can do alcohol-based versions. If you don't drink alcohol or do it for children, it is very good to remove alcohol. Drink 喔~~(≧▽≦)/ Students who like to enhance the taste of this punch or can't find some materials, please see tips.



  1. Remove the leaves and stalks from the strawberries and cut the slices for later use.

  2. Take a larger container (I use a large glass measuring cup), squeeze in half a lime juice, add vodka and agave syrup, and mix well.

  3. Pour the chilled coconut water and sparkling mineral water into the container and mix well.

  4. Put ice cubes and a little strawberry slices in the glass, pour the punch into the glass and garnish the mint leaves.


Students who like mint leaves can shred the mint leaves, pour them into the shaker together with the above-mentioned punch and crushed ice, and push the taste of the mint leaves. When they are poured into the cup, they are filtered with ice filters. Punch can be filtered out so that the broken mint leaves do not enter the cup. Students who like a lot of strawberries can first make some strawberries into a paste, then pour them into the cocktail shaker with the Punch. If there is a blender, you can directly punch the punch with the strawberries. The finished product can be drunk with a straw. . Strawberry slices soaked in Punch are delicious. Students who like tropical taste can use malibu and add some pineapple juice. Since the bubble mineral water and coconut water are not sweet, I used agave syrup. It doesn't matter if there is no agave syrup. You can change the bubble mineral water into Sprite or Seven-Happiness. The sweetness will be there, but it is not recommended to change into honey. If the honey tastes too heavy, it will cover the taste of the drink. Want to try agave syrup (also known as agave honey) can be Taobao, amber, used as a sugar substitute, high sweetness (sweet than honey), easier to dissolve in water, diabetics can also eat And it doesn't feel like a lot of sugar substitutes in the mouth and throat. (I personally don't drink diet and zero because I can't stand the sweetness).

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